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Depression Treatment
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Sera Health

Our Team of Psychologists & Counsellors conduct Online Counselling along with Counselling at their center in Dehli. Their aim is to Recreate Happiness & Harmony. Dr. D.S. Sapra & Dr. Komal K. Sapra have A Vision to Create A World where people can handle Stress & Conflict with Positive Attitude.

  • Help People Overcome their Behaviour Problems.
  • Improve Relationship between Married Couples.
  • Create Harmony in Live In Relationship couples
  • Reduce Conflict & Improve Relationships at Work. 
  • Reduce Stress , Depression & Anxiety.
  • Help the Youth of Our Country to Develop their Pesonality & Achieve their Potential.
  • Motivate School Children to Overcome their Learning Problems.
  • Give Hope to Patients Suffering from Psychological & Psychosomatic Disorders.
  • Create an Awareness Where in the Problems is Identified and treated at an Initial Stage.   
  • Overcome the Stigma Attached to Visiting A Psychologist.


When to Visit A Psychologist ?

Psychologist are people trained to deal with the mind in a scientific manner. Visiting a Psychologist  does  not mean you have a mental Problem, it just implies that you are desperate to seek help to overcome the Issues & Problems in your life.

If the frustrations are not dealt timely, Continous thoughts and anxiety may create a greater Psychological Problems. In India, sadly we visit psychologist only after the problems become big. People should plan a visit to psychologist as soon as they see a change in their behaviour pattern, whatever may be the reason.  

Treatment Plan involves Weekly Visits At The Center. Skype Counselling Services are also available.

At Dr. Sapra's Sera Health Centre, Our Team of Psychologist helps to Recreate Happiness & Harmony in the lives of people Visiting us by Providing them Counselling & Relaxation Therapy Sessions. No Medicines are Given.   .....Readmore


Relaxation Therapy (R.T.)

Relaxation Therapy (R.T.) works when everything else fails. It gives hope for a Happy life. It works beyond the realm of conventional Medicine to reduce Psychological Problems like:

  • Fear & Phobias
  • Stress & Depression
  • Fainting & Palpitations
  • Anxiety & Panic Attacks
  • Stammering & Sweating
  • Breathlessness
  • Sleep Disorder
  • Emotional Imbalance
  • OCD & PTSD.......READ MORE



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